I wanted to document some of the difficulties that i've run into while attempting to upload these documents.

This I see as a service to the companies that i'm using to accomplish this.

They do deserve attribution (which I'm pretty sure I mentioned earlier...if you don't understand its because we're time traveling together and you havent met what I'm talking about yet.)

This is the first of a large generation of books.

I've only been able to scan some of them. I'll have to come up with some way that people will be able to let me know if they want me to scan more.

Maybe I should have a donate button.

Indicate to me that you enjoy what I do via that button, and it'll draw my attention more to the site. I have too many things that I want to pursue and so limiting myself to merely recording the thoughts I'd once had that I somewhat remember. I mostly don't. But I do remember that I made a joke about remembering k-times removed (remembering about remembering when i read my stuff on remembering to write that i was already in the process of remembering something (but that I don't know what...)).

Since I don't remember well I leave it to my digital devices which seem to do much better than I at doing this.

That said. It also allows you to remember reading what I've done.

Or looking at.

Well reading if you can comprehend this.

ATC 25 just ended (the themesong is playing "accidental tech podcast sooo long...")

In John Siracusa's words mrrrr... I want to be done but there's more.

Sometimes these methods don't put my words in the document as well.

That's how you win.

My words are in your head.

well I have to add these individually. thans a lot evernote and squarespace. Grrr.

Every fault I point out can be fixed. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to recognize it as a fault. It would merely be my problematic assumption.


And now onto the first arrivals of a new generation. 


Lets say Generation Vol. 1


I think I remember saying there will be more books on **The Family of Ideas**

Not to mention their evolution (though thats obviously also related).

Even those — who don't properly comprehend the inevitability of evolution in a certain kind of world which the biological(and so many other) worlds reflect in the maths that represent them — will acknowledge that evolution does apply now(moths), and is applicable to the notion of what a family is. 


⌥+- produces an n-dash (–) rather than an m-dash — , and why does it matter? because I say it does. I couldn't write this sentence were it not to exist and have a causal effect on the world. So even if they were the same, it has now indirectly affected you due to your reading of these words. 


And now, if you think that it is a reasonable that ideas could evolve. (And certainly language does. The maths hold (at least somewhat or at some level of abstraction with some degree of error allowed.)) then Ideas have families. These are my families of ideas. I cannot do anything but for to produce them. Let them grow into whatever it is that they are going to be. These words are forms. Nothing more. But neither are you.