Here is some work I began in mayish. whatever about the first page. the rest of the notebook was at least written with this purpose in mind. Its game day in day game for Kripke Wittgenstein and I.

Unfortunately, only I know that there's no way to play baseball with three teams unless you alter the rules.

And will I tell them. Well I'll tell you. And if any of the people who read this think they can in some way communicate to wittgenstein, go ahead and try and contact him to let him know. Don't tell me. I'd prefer to be surprised (don't want to waste my time). But interpreters are always welcome to join the joust which will then of course be made into a mêlée all-together. Pretty soon we'll have degraded our respect for ourselves to the point that we were giving ourselves microconcussions repeatedly resulting in an increased rate of selfharm and depression and mental unsettledness generally (I can't remember the citation for all of this...if anyone can't find it on there own based on what I'm saying contact me and i'll help track it down).

Or maybe we'll just have a game of whatever this is : Philsophers fantasy football?

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