All writing is autobiography; or it's lieing, and it's mostly you lying to yourself.

There is no thing that you experience that does not involve you.

That is a premise of what it means for you to be •you•.

Much as Merlin (@hotdogsladies) had said about psh in Synecdoche

"why do I have to make everything so complicated?

it's what you do."

This is the premise of Hume and Berkeley’s empiricism. Yes Berkeley "nothing exists except my idea of it" Berkeley namesake of the nearby university.

He was an empiricist.

To Descartes: why must there be a •thinker• when there can be just •thinking•.

Zum Descartes: warum mußt es ein •Denker• geben, wann, doch, •zu denken• selbst sein können.

The point being as abstract as you can get, you've only got your life to work with.

Now that means you can grow to understand the world. I need to read that PGS paper about the mind as communication with yourself; which is an idea I'm happy to work with. It's much more amenable to analysis.

In any case. I'm not arguing for you to be an empiricist. I'm just trying to tell you that you are fooling yourself if you aren't.

So embrace your autobiography. Your life permeates everything •you• experience. Yay!

Cheers, :€