Night words on thoughts.

The purple micron, I think? In the bedroom. With the md. Or at least I remember thinking, but not those words, or at least not this

Tonight I wrote not unthinkingly, but unfeedbackily. I won't note this night except here. And then you can figure it out once it's scanned and uploaded.

The point is this is about language and reference. What is this referring to ? How many meanings does this have? Each time I make this anew, is it the same if it's also different. Well that's painting this with much broader strokes.

I'm not feeling well.

I have an awful headache and a stuffy nose.

And at times I know what I was saying, but not what I was writing. At other times I know what I'm writing but not what I'm saying. Other times I may know both? I definitely remember more, and am more capable of rendering my language and the thoughts that according to Frege and Dummett are roughly riding upon each other? Or at least there's some path between their seas...


Anyway, I forgot where I was going so apparently the fourth can happen as well. Isn't technology great? By letting us see what we've lost, or what we've kept despite the possibility of losing it, we can show the extent to which there is something like a continuous stream of meaning that moves that much further into the realm of pure words falling out of your head diving into the world so perfectly that they don't even make an assuring plop of an event visible to any of your senses.

So far I can get down to Just penprioception but even that can be quite rich. Not even if I will challenge myself to write blind and to write with a brush pen , I'm still scared to write with a blind brush.

Update: I did this during a showing of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind . Wasn't nearly as difficult as I had thought.

Why am I so afraid of my or md's words? Even if I don't always know what they mean or what they refer to or both or neither .

I tried to take a pic of what just happened but it's not easy to do but I just took a photo of what the screen still looks like after I write the word yri which I'm sure will be corrected to something that is not 'yri' Well I'll scan that soon and it'll have to be the last of the trip I havealreadyputonto the sdcard

I couldn't serge spaces here while I was typing and so the words get all lumped together but I try to remember for fear of an autocorrect mistake?

I think I made a joke about this earlier.

in the words of someone I hope to admire some day and want to remember having been someday

'fuck urgency'.