A request for a bluetooth that is as powerful as a headphone cord.

This will be a short post.

I don't even have any images (at least not yet… probably part 2 if it ever arrives will have images and further commentary).

But I really wish that LG would modify their product (the lg 830) to be a bit more like logitech's wireless keyboards with fast bluetooth switching (the one I have and the fancier looking one).

Seriously, I would buy it in a second. Just let me throw my connection around as easily as i could readjust a physical cable. it shouldn't be this hard.

Seriously, just license the technology. It will make such a difference to how people could use your device.

Seriously, get on it.


Also — note that all fo those links are referral links. I wrote a Keyboard maestro script to grab and make those links, and have it set up to rely first on launchbar and then later a keyboard shortcut with better touch tool. Thanks to obdev and keyboard maestro and manfred and yes, I'm imagining the piñata from Adventuretime when I write that.