The power of a podcast about pens: brad dowdy has a significant quantifiable force in the economy

Wait, how many entries to the contest? * (average amount we've spent on non nock products), + amount we've given via nock*(1- @imyke's influence on @dowdyism's being in our ears), how much money has the @Pen_Addict money hose redirected.

I.e., what is @dowdyism's differential effect effect on the pen economy?

@imyke's ?

@planetmoney, please report on this

I'll work out some actual numbers shortly, but just — schedule an cross over event soon…

Because I guarantee that it's a substantial amount of money, as is endlessly referred to by dowdy and myke + other pen addicts(see today's episode[^please]). What if we actually calculate how much it is.

If I'm the average pen user who listens to this show, do the books on the history of writing count as money redirected by the pen addict?

Notebooks certainly count.

I'm going to estimate $500-$1000, between pens, inks, notebooks, etc.

So if we take that and multiply it by 200 or so who have spent that much or more, that's 100,000 - 200,000 dollars. And I'm sure it's more. This gives us a reasonable floor estimate of its monetary impact. That is not to say that I am the average pen user, but to suggest that there are at least 200 people like me who listen to the show.

And I've recommended @twsbi — due to dowdy's 580 endorsement last episode — to a barista who loved seeing me sign the check with one. So the contagion is spreading.

Sidenote: I don't know why dowdy is anti rose gold though. I mean yea that isn't great as a nib or I write too weirdly for it to work well with @pendelton's modifications, but as casing material it's gorgeous (esp. w/the black acrylic).[^please]

Anyway, as the photo demonstrates my point imagistically. As does the @PeterGodfrey-smith post of a few days back.[^please2]

In any case, I've probably pointed out enough complementary features to enough people that I've made my point about this being an worth-pursuing confluence of interests.

Cheers, :€

[^please]: @squarespace support text expander and multimarkdown… seriously it would make your app ‘actually’ awesome to write with since it would be actually a completely different experience. Unique in its true capabilities… esp• since editorial hit iOS7 & lost @textexpander support. Hell pay @ttscoff to write it, see my previous post on :€ unthinking :€ & multimarkdown formatting of footnotes versus this version written in @squarespace 's blog app (which also has miserable text selection interface because it combines formatting a page and writing down formatted text, seriously, that's a major fail. Talk to editorial guy, or @vittici)

[^please2]: Anyway, this is too difficult to continue to do in this context. @Tweetbot was a better experience to write in. Also tweetbot and drafts would be awesome, since often what starts off as a tweet but grows too long. In that case it would be better to write with tweetbot's unique abilities - particularly auto-completing twitter handles (@merlinmann knows what I'm talking about{also I bet @hotdogladies now realizes why auto completing twitter handles is a crucial feature of tweetbot lacking in Squarespace's app})