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A summary of the first 18 minutes of the most recent episode of Total Party Kill.

(:€ I Think that the title is a joke on the worst possible situation which is that the entire party was killed, I do not believe that that has happened. Littered about in this you should find observations that I attempted to glean as well as certain generalizations. I hope you enjoy and go listen to this to hear the rest of the episode https://overcast.fm/+BhYL1F81E/18:12)

On the sands of Athas, 5th edition dark sun

Omlau — half-giant, barbarian Presta Shibogen — elven ranger, taciturn and undecided about other characters, she is new, and it is because of this newness that she is undecided (orig. "I'm still not deciding how i feel about all these folks, because I'm new") Scale — half-elf sorceror from the vale of the lions, who sniffs and was recently raised from the dead. Some informations comes from the dark side of the players handbook. If you play it backwards, it takes it to the dark side. Carlos — Moll (:€ I believe that means half man half troll) gladiator, likes to run and hit things with his war hammer. Katchka — a three-kring bard (modified with "as ever" implying possible immortality or at least an infinite enough time into the past that we may need to worry about the possibility of his death) in Athas-known and famed for his music making and general merriment Regdar — a frail human pottery enthsusiast, aspirations for middle managment, who likes stew, but is dissapointed by sand stew (previously there was a discussion of stew in one of their endeavors)

Trying to find the origins of the shaqua beetles

recently They met Tobi and MacGuire, two guards who have played a surprisingly long and consistent role in this story.

NB: One should note that they also have some process for generating random guards, I wonder if it can be well described by a Chinese Restaurant Process (modified to account for identity by treating an individual as the equivalence of a table, where being a "table" means that you have a consistent identity from your own perspective. ""

Katchka is unconcious

Regdar spent an hour reading about pottery.

nb: they left many pieces of treasure amongst the tent.

It is nighttime. They are all following Bresdrek. Katchka Ömlau Presta Scale Carlos...everybody sneaks together.

Making the stealthiest people being stealthy to the side.

Erica: stealth check = 16(:€± when you consider possible modifications )(nb: A 16 is good enough!) Spot Brezrek turning a corner, motion to your party. Stop at the corner.

All of them peer around at the same time (NB: supposedly, like the three stooges stacking their heads on top of one anotber, derived from "hello, hello, hello...Hello! heheheh").

"5 heads all in a row and this huge gap and then theres Ömlau(Dan)'s head. … Like a strange totem poll."

(:€ sounds more like scooby doo to me than it sounds like the three stooges)

It's nighttime, small town, not many people. Turn a corner, and Brezrak goes through the front door that has a curtain in front of it in an alehouse.

They cannot see doors other than the front door. Despite asking that question to themselves.

(:€ ah, so the dungeon master is also the keeper of the empirical epistemology of the game.)