John Siracusa (@siracusa) would probably enjoy oquonie

This week atp(65) discussed monument valley and to a lesser extent, journey.

I've played neither. I have played oquonie. It was really good and is exactly what John Siracusa defined as a non-linear game(paraphrased):
You have to go back and do a tonne of things in a particular order that involves topologically and temporally — which were it not for the monument valley discussion I wouldn't have distinguished — tortuous paths.

Oquonie is that.

Also holy crap I am so happy that Squarespace figured out how to let you select text and navigate the cursor’s position without activating the block movement mode in their iPhone blogs app. Like seriously, kickass!

I wrote down how Casey Liss (@caseyliss; congrats btw, though I don't know why you want to have kids… not that you need to explain anything to me)


a sidebar on beAts and apple & nest and IFTTT and hue

John gets it. Regarding beats, this was an investment of fashion. I said the other day that this was a day when beats headphones users just got huge dividends on their investment in fashion. That is, now they are going to have the geeks around to help them progress into the brave new world of an automated life.

I really like the in case sonic headphones. But they are more subtly bold in their fashion style, so it'll take a while before the two–tone-chunk headphones (and other things, see picture) will take-off, but, I think it will eventually. just give it time.

I started buying brightly colored socks that I purposefully did not match in spring 2011. Followed by, bright shoes with different shoelaces in left and right shoes; shoes that are of the same style but of different colors so one can be worn on each foot. Only now are they getting big. It's the obvious reaction to this upcoming wave of intense monotonicity.

It's why I wish apple would make a rose gold colored iPhone (like twsbi’s 580).

It'd twist the current path but into new and interesting directions.

In any case, the reason why this should pay off so well for beats users is that due to their choice in fashion they are allied with the nerds of apple fandom. To show their authenticity the nerds will kinda rebel and grudgingly accept them but in doing so they will interact and offer massive improvements to both of their lives.

This generation will finally spawn, once combined with the backlash against hipsterdom, bitNeaks will be arise (spoonerism: beatnik; pun: Bit; jargon formatting reference: camelCase).

But that is a tale for another day(particularly after it's more obvious to more people that it's occurring).

The point is that there will be a stylish technorati that are able to improve people's lives. I want to share the most important parts with anyone who will hear them.

I want to say a few things that I think could dramatically improve people's lives.


Nest and IFTTT and hue: this automated life

Nest is a smart thermostat and fire alarm company that was bought by google. They would figure out when you wouldn't be home and thereby save you money by turning down the air when you leave. Fire alarm knows different kinds of signals in the smoke so that it can detect what's likelier to be a fire and a seared steak. I think. If that isn't the case, work on it cause it should be.

IFTTT is short for if this then that, which is an excellent way to automate various parts of your world by hooking them together with nice if clauses, which behave rather nicely as event catchers for event streams in real(continuous)-time

hue are lights by Phillips that will turn off when I leave home, and on when I return.

Off at night. Purple to signal last call to go to the store. gradually on in the morning.

Mall of them turned off at once to go to bed cause it's too late already.

Don't some of the pieces look like they're jumping out at you?

Don't some of the pieces look like they're jumping out at you?

Cheers, :€