Marko^{a_{n}}vian 1 qu+ 0

When faced with nonsense believe in sense.

When faced with sense throw nonsense at it until it breaks open again letting the microscope in as close as possible un constrained by the superfluous logic holding it back

Break the hourglass princess. It's within your power
[aladdin meets the bodhisattva of endless realization]

You can't get it right if you live in a continuous space.

Finding patterns amidst the noise.
Patterns that do a good job of painting a picture of the lazier part of reality

This was written over a month ago. I'll do my best to explain.

The title refers to the Kripkensteinian creation of the function quaddition.

I'm not sure, but i think that the Latex joke was markoan and then markovian being possible (kinda) in the same word...and it may be that the 1 qu+0 was the index?

By lazy in the last part i mean those patterns which vary slowly enough (i.e., smoothly enough) that we can reliably predict things by noticing them. I'm pretty sure that was partially inspired by Alan Watts' noting the way in which thread can be twisted in on itself to create new effects, and then the way that if you zoom into it the strands look completely randomly directed and chaotic, and if you zoom further in it gets more and more regular and structured once again. The idea is that reality may be lazy in many ways, there may be signals at many levels that are worth exploring and the intermediate levels are merely the incidental chaos that order occasions in order for us to recognize that anything is ordered at all. There is no order without chaos (and no chaos without order). Or alternatively imagine multiplying a normal distribution's mean but only multiplying its variance (rather than being squared and then multiplying its variance). Eventually the error dissapears into the precision of whatever device you are using to measure something.
Alternatively, I was emphasizing the ssmoothnesss rather than the slowness, in which case I was referring to the way that reality could be changing gradually and we would have no way of knowing. If we assume not that fundamental constants are constant but rather that they vary more slowly than any tool that we could ever make to measure them. My point is that by definition then, it cannot matter (since then, however it did matter, that could play the role of the measure). So go on doing science as you were, but consider that even if your formalism claims that everything is constant, it is fundamentally unknowable (in the Kripkenstein sense...there can be no fact from the world regarding...) whether _ _constants are constants or just really lazy variables.

Hmmm. I guess the photo was related after all. Or maybe not. up to you. I know what i think though.

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Dedicated to oxygen, without you none of this would be possible.